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In 2027, a satellite monitoring deep space communications picks up a foreign signal. A foreign signal that gives up a set of coordinates, leading to a particularly intriguing, and reachable, planet.

As global enthusiasm and hope rises, an international space program is formed - named CFISP - and with it a global effort to uncover this new unknown.


CFISP grows in size and power until they are able to send a crew to the coordinates. This mission is dubbed ‘Persephone 1’ and is celebrated for its success, years in the making. But something goes wrong planet-side and the crew disappears with no warning – or any clues as to where they’ve gone.

The Persephone Program follows a CFISP employee, a simulation technician responsible for running complex code in order to predict specific events. The technician proposes an idea following the crew's disappearance – use the gathered data on the Persephone 1 crew in order to program a detailed simulation to discover what happened.


With this ability and the combined strength of CFISP behind them, the technician delves deep within this space mystery adventure to piece together what happened on this planet so far away from home.



Jia Chen

Age: 36

Hometown: Heshan, Guangdong (China)

Education: Fudan University - Bachelor of Science, majored in botany. PhD (Botany).

Role: Team leader, head pilot, botanist.


The dedicated head pilot and mission leader. Although self-described as “spacey”, Jia has a sharp focus on her goals and takes her leader position seriously. With botany as her secondary role in the mission, Jia has the added responsibility of keeping her crew fed, as well as fighting off potential killer plants.

Mat Daicos

Age: 29

Hometown: CFISP Base, Northern Territory (Australia)

Education: Monash University - Bachelor of Engineering. Master's degree (engineering)

Role: Geologist, secondary engineer.


The baby of the group, Mat is the secondary engineer and geologist in the crew. A somewhat nervy individual, Mat finds calm in the ever turning subsections of machinery, as well as any and every shiny rock he can get his hands on.

Age: 39

Hometown: Lima (Peru)

Education: National University of San Marcos - Doctor of Medicine, as well as various postgraduate studies.

Role: Head medical.


The charismatic and considerate crew doctor. Alejandro has lived in cities his entire life, but has always dreamed of the stars, jumping at the chance to join up. He believes in helping people, light conversations, and avoiding paperwork as much as possible.

Alejandro Huamán

Eli Jacoby

Age: 30

Hometown: Luxembourg City (Luxembourg)

Education: Utrecht University - Bachelor of Arts, majored in Philosophy. Vocational training in radio production.

Role: Communications technician, meteorologist, secondary pilot.


The cool, calm, and collected secondary pilot and crew member tasked with communications. Eli may come across as aloof, but they care deeply about the mission and their crew members. With a background in cryptid hunting in West Europe, Eli is used to being armed only with a level-head and their dry humour (and occasionally a torch).

Hanima Tyagi

Age: 37

Hometown: Panipat, Haryana (India)

Education: University of Delhi - Bachelor of Technology, Engineering. PhD (Engineering).

Role: Head engineer, second-in-command.


The cheerful and high-energy head engineer and second-in-command. Hanima has spent much of her life moving from country to country, never quite feeling comfortable in her travels. Although often deemed “hot-headed” by those she clashes with, Hanima holds fast in her beliefs and is a fiercely loyal team member.


Meet The Team

Liam Foster


Creator / Programmer

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Erin Theodore


Characters / Writing

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Matthias Fluor

Composer / SFX

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Wei Wu


Character Designer

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Marion Kapferer

Background Designer

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