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The Persephone Program Update #13

Hello everyone! Its been a long time since our last post but be rest assured that development is still going well and we are sticking with our goal of releasing the demo in November.

In this post, we shall be sharing lots of information on what we've been working on and what we are continuing to work on over the next few weeks as we approach the demo release.

Demo Release Plans

Here are a few more details on how we're releasing the demo:

Platforms: PC (Windows, Mac and Linux) & Android

Stores: Steam, Google Play and possibly on our website or as a non-steam option.

Price: Free!

If all goes to plan we'll have the demo available on/at all of the above. We're also going to have achievements, nice!


The Kickstarter will launch on the same day as the demo. We'll be providing more details on this over the next few weeks as we approach the release date.


In our last post, we mentioned that there will be mini-games in The Persephone Program. In the demo, there will be four of these for you to try and offer your opinions on them so we can ensure they work perfectly in the final game. These mini-games will be optional and you'll have the ability to skip them but we hope you give them a try as we've put a lot of time into them and they'll allow you to get some cool achievements :)


We are currently in the process of getting a logo for The Persephone Program designed by the talented We are still very much in the early stages but here are some rough sketches of different options:

We are working hard to ensure this is perfect as the logo will be very important to get people interested in TPP.

Steam Page / Trailer

Finally, we want to mention one of the next major things you'll be seeing from us. In roughly one and a half weeks from now, we are going to be releasing the steam page for The Persephone Program Demo. This will allow you to see more about the game including our trailer which we are working on at the moment.

You'll also have the ability to wishlist the game, which we'd love if you all do!

As a special treat for reading all of this, here is the intro song for you to listen to!​

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