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The Persephone Program Update #12

Hello from Bob Fish Productions! We hope you’re enjoying the winter/ summer weather wherever you may be, and that you've had a good month and a bit since we last posted.

New additions We've decided to add micro games / puzzles into the Persephone Program in order to shake up the game structure. These tiny subsections will be relevant to the scenes they appear in, for example, sorting plant samples for the botanist, or cutting your way through an alien jungle in a frenzied search.

Updates We've shuffled around the script order, so now it’s a bit quicker to get into the action! Initially there was a bit of world-building + exposition that was ultimately unneeded in the demo. In the full game those scenes are likely to reappear again (mostly cause I liked them) but in a different format, and not at the very start. Now, instead of going through about 10 minutes of opening scenes, we head straight to the actual player character interactions, which makes it much more engaging to play!

Jumping off of that, we've also got a new system of formatting for the script! Likely not particularly exciting stuff for the majority BUT it makes our files far more organised and useable – instead of just one big document, we now have a directory for each separate scene so that our writer no longer has to scroll for many minutes trying to find the right scene. Shiny and efficient.

New game engine features

The game engine has been massively improved thanks to some new libraries that are being used. The demo shall now feature many things you would expect from a visual novel such as a text log, different speeds of text, pauses and much more which will all greatly enhance the experience. We will be showcasing some of the features over on our Patreon tomorrow :)

Demo release plans

now, I know you are probably wondering when this 'demo' we've been speaking of is actually going to be released. Well I've been cautious of announcing a date as delays can and do happen BUT I think its about time to give you a rough date.

If all goes to plan you'll be able to play our demo in early November! This isn't long to go so we hope you stick with us until then.

Apologies for the incredibly text heavy post today. Next one shall be up in the next few weeks and we will share some of the new artwork which is in progress :)

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Also check out our patreon if you wish to support us further :)

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