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The Persephone Program Update #11

Hello everyone and welcome to another update on The Persephone Program.

Today I’d like to share a few updates on the game as well as the future of these blog posts. But first we’ll discuss the poll we did a few weeks ago.

We ran this poll on the site linked in the last one of these and over on our twitter (which you should definitely go check out: Thanks to everyone who voted on the text box character name positions and discussed it over on discord. UNFORTUNATELY, we ended up with exactly 50/50 on the results….

So, what I think would work best would be to combine the two ideas. We’ll take the more natural positioning of having the names above the text, but we’ll have it inside the textbox rather then in its own separate box to make it look a bit cleaner.

This is still a work in progress and was just a test of getting some help from the community and we hope to do more of this in the future to get feedback :)

So now onto game updates. We’re still aiming for a 2018 launch for the demo, it’s going to be late 2018 though. We’re working to give you the best possible look at the game and hopefully it shall all be worth it when you get to play! I’m currently doing a rather large bit of modification to the game engine to make things work a lot better then they currently are. It’s a major task but shall improve the overall look and feel and allow us to do some super interesting things.

Now the future of these blog posts. As I’m sure you’ve noticed this has stopped being a weekly series recently. Unfortunately, we don’t always have cool things to share every week which are suited to this kind of format. We’re going to continue providing these updates, but they’ll be more like every few weeks.

BUT we have some other cool news. I’m going to start going into lots of detail on some of the more minor (but cool) things that happen during development. It’ll be a weekly series over on Patreon: Please check out our page on there if you are interested in supporting us! Don’t worry though, all the big updates will still be posted on here as well so feel no obligation to donate (though it is VERY useful at helping us to create the best game we can!).

That’s all for this one, we hope you enjoyed reading!

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