The Persephone Program Update #10

Hi everyone! Very short update this time, just letting you know we’re not dead or anything and we’re still working on the game! We've received all the helpful feedback for our first demo run (thank you if you helped out with this, we got great suggestions and improvements!) and we’re just fixing up all the various bugs, spelling errors, and odd wording!

We also have a question for you all based on some of the feedback we've received. This is to do with the position of the names of characters in The Persephone Program.

Right now we have it so the name is at the bottom of the text box like this:

Below text

Now I (Liam) personally really like this method and think it looks nice but we've gotten some feedback that some people would prefer it above the text as is usually the case for most VNs. (Steins;Gate however does do it at the bottom, which is what I was somewhat inspired by).

The other option is this:

Above Text

This is a rough idea (I made this image pretty quickly in order to get this post up) of what having the name above the text box would look like.

We've decided to ask you, the cool people who will hopefully play the game, to let us know what you think. Here is a poll where you can quickly choose the option you prefer:

We'll let you know what we've decided next week :)

Thanks for reading and have a great week!