The Persephone Program Update #9

Greetings! Big apologies for the gap between the last blog post and this one. We have been rather busy and while lots of work has been done, there hasn't been too much to share.

I fixed up the code with the demo and have a proper git repository setup now so there shouldn't be any issues with us losing anything :)

Last week we finally sent out the build for testing by a few close friends and we've received some very valuable feedback. (Big thanks to everyone who helped!)

Our plan for the next couple of weeks is to look in detail at this feedback and implement all the changes to both the game engine itself and the writing for the demo.

Unfortunately we haven't really had anything visual to share recently. We'll try to make it up to you next blog post :)

Thanks for sticking around and we hope you keep looking forward to the demo which will release later this year!