The Persephone Program Update #8

Hello everyone! This week we have some good news and some bad news. We’re gonna do the bad news first.

So this week our programmer managed to finish polishing up the first version of our demo, but due to some unfortunate circumstances involving poor backup systems and working late at night, man’s hubris got the better of him, and we lost the most recent version of the demo.

Luckily our older version was only a week older, and we’ve learned a valuable lesson about backups.

In happier news, we’ve updated our website to have some sleek character descriptions on it. You can check out the bios for the 5 crew members along with their black and white sprites at the website here.

We’ve also put up TWO new Patreon posts in the past few days. The first post is from our composer, talking about developing the introductory music track to TPP, along with a link to let you listen to it.

Our second post is from our writer, an introduction to Mat and explaining how they developed the character.

To gain access to these Patreon-exclusive posts and earn our undying gratitude, you can become a Patron here, for as little as $1 a month!

Thanks everyone! We’ll talk to you again in about a week :)