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The Persephone Program Update #6

So, this week we’re working towards having the basic-version of the demo finished - we’re mostly just migrating the script over (which we’ve mentioned in the last two updates, yeah, but it’s a slow and boring process lol).

Once that’s all been put together, we’ll be able to run through it and see if there’s any issues - which there’s a 99% chance they’ll be SOMETHING we have to fix.

But! We have finished all the sketchy, placeholder background art done which is great because we need that to properly test the demo! (I’ll put one below, and you can see if you can guess what it is. No prizes, but you’ll have my undying respect for being able to decipher my scribblings.)

We’ve also completely reworked the intro scene of the game! The original scene’s been around since practically the beginning, but we believe this makes the game flow a lot smoother. This scene is going to be discussed on our Patreon page ( very soon, specifically about the music in the scene!

Image of a circle with what looks like lightning bolts coming out of it in all directions.

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