The Persephone Program Update #5

This post is technically a day late because I'm posting this on Monday morning my time. BUT it’s still Sunday in most of the world so I suppose it isn't too bad :P

This week we received our first couple of patrons which is amazing! We are very grateful and thank them immensely for their support. (Shameless plug here: Please feel free to support us if you would like to view some super cool exclusive info about the development :)

We have been working hard on the demo and things are progressing well. Script migration, as mentioned last week, is going well and is coming along nicely. We've been in discussion of the music direction as well and we hope you enjoy what we'll have in the demo!

Our discord server has been growing nicely and we now have several of you on there. It’s a great place to get notifications about what is happening and to discuss with others about The Persephone Program. Check it out here:

That's all for this week. Hope you had a fun weekend and enjoy the week :)