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The Persephone Program Update #4

Hello everyone, this week we launched a number of things! We’ve made our shiny new Patreon page public, which you can access right here. This allows you to make a monthly donation - however small - which helps us work even harder on The Persephone Program, and gives you (the patron) exclusive rewards. Check it out!

We also started testing out ads on Facebook to see the reach and result of such a campaign. It’s been up for about a day, so we can’t really comment on it’s success, but it’s reached a number of people already which is great! If you’re getting this because you saw our ad on Facebook, hi! Great to have you here!

We also launched our Discord server, which you can access, right here: if you’d like to join us c:

Now for the actual dev updates! The demo script has been fully written (with just a couple of minor edits here and there) and is being migrated into the engine. We’ve just got the two final scenes of the demo to go, which sounds great but each single scene is longer than the past 6 together! So we’ve got a bit more to do lol.

All backgrounds from the first scene have been completed and look amazing! You can see the first one on Patreon if you support us right now (wink wink).

Character designs are going full steam ahead, and two characters have been finalised. We’ll be talking about the character designs as well as character development on Patreon in the coming weeks, but we’ll also post the finished designs on this website (as well as a coming tumblr page, which we’ll have up soon).

I’m not sure if this has been mentioned before, but just in case it hasn’t please follow the official account on twitter - - as well as our facebook - for more updates.

Thanks for your support! Have a great week c:

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