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The Persephone Program Update #2

Greetings! Just thought I'd give a short update as we'd like to keep you informed of what is happening with The Persephone Program.

Firstly I should explain the future plans for the game. We are currently working on a short (40 mins - 1 hour) demo. This demo is going to be a proof-of-concept for the full game. The demo will be free to download and play from this site once its available.

As soon as the demo is available we shall be launching a crowd-funding campaign as well in order to gain the funds to complete the much longer full game :)

Over the next few months we shall be expanding this site with a lot more information on the game as we lead up to the release of both the demo and the crowd-funding campaign. We shall aim to release one of these posts every week in order to keep you up-to-date.

Thanks for reading and we hope you are as excited about The Persephone Program as we are :)

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