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The Persephone Program Update #1

Hi everyone! If it looks like a HUGE gap since our last post… well, I might’ve accidentally deleted most of the past entries. My bad. :/

Anyway! Introductions are in order - I’m Erin, the writer/ numerous other tiny jobs on The Persephone Program and I’m super happy to finally be allowed access to this blog :D


I am, as you can probably gather from this post, not really a tech person, but rest assured I have no actual effect on the games code/ engines. So if there’s an issue there, it won’t have come from me!

Now, since the purpose of these entries is to keep you updated, I’ll give a little insight into my current status.

The demo script has technically been entirely completed on the writing side, but I am currently massively overhauling Scene 8 as I’m not too happy with my past writing + the character interactions within. Scene 8 was actually one of the first scenes I wrote (wayyy back mid-2017, scribbled during boring lectures) so it’s not surprising I’m changing a lot of it.

Editing itself never truly stops, but I’m currently happy with the rest of the demo as of now. (But I’ll probably end up sending a new version to Liam just as he finishes up putting the script into the game, whoops)

Next post will be something a bit shorter, and should be next weekish. :)

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